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The World Bank Energy Efficiency Plans In Developing Countri

www.dailyenergyreport.com; Energy efficiency is on the top of many people’s minds at The World Bank. 86% of all future energy needed will be coming from developing countries. Jas Singh, Senior Energy Efficiency Specialist for the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) in The World Bank talks to us about the challenges developing countries face when trying to develop an energy efficient nation. According to Singh’s latest work, “Public Procurement of Energy Efficiency Services Lessons from International Experience,” it is important to review the efforts made by developing countries when putting together a plan for third world countries and other developing nations. But he is clear to point out that every situation is different and it takes a lot of understanding of a specific country’s culture and personality to find the best solutions.

Apply for a Green Collar Job

More job opportunities open for green collar position. Green collar job is the new term for those who work in agriculture, fisheries, and other field that involves environment and natural workforce.

Almost 10,000 green collar jobs in Cagayan Valley opens for jobseekers via the Comprehensive Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program (CLEEP) of Department of Agriculture (DA) and over 8,000 jobs are up for grabs in Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) programs Bantay Gubat and Upland Development Program.

DENR will hire 4,452 out-of-school youth to be deployed in environmental works and 3,572 as forest guards to the protected forests in key regions in the country. The CLEEP participants will also be deployed to work in agriculture, fisheries and the latest program of DA regarding natural bio-diesel.

These said projects are meant to help farmers and fishermen across the region. This will also a great option for displaced and layoff workers. The said government agencies are encouraging all jobseekers to try green collar works since opportunities in corporate and industry fields are quite hard to find in the moment.

The said projects are part of the P330 billion worth economic resiliency program signed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to help stimulate domestic economy and help solve the problem in employment.

Other government agencies have previously held programs that aim to give jobs for unemployed citizens. 376 job opportunities were given by Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) under their Cash for Work Food for Work program. On the other hand, Department of Public Works and Highways’ Kanan Program have given 265 maintenance jobs for jobless Filipinos.

The government is encouraging all jobseekers, particularly those who have a background in agriculture to join the said program. All interested applicants may visit and apply in the nearest DA and DENR main and regional offices in their region or their belonged city and municipal halls.


Song for the Ocean

www.songfortheocean.com We are all connected by the ocean. Our everyday actions affect the world in which we live, and all creatures sharing our planet. I wrote “Song for the Ocean” so that, through singing and watching, we can all raise our awareness and get involved in creating positive environmental change. Sing Brave. Sing Strong. Sing Together. Sing Now… Song for the Ocean: written, produced and performed by Kristin Hoffmann Videography and images: Colin Garland and Global Classroom

Haight ALBERT: Primary school broadcasting system technology solutions – Haight Albert, primary school broadcasting, technical programs – education

A primary Campus radio Outline ** Primary School was founded in 1950, is directly under the Gongbanxiaoxue Haidian District, Beijing Education Commission, is one of two school sites, divided into North Campus and South Campus, a total of 58 classes, 2,500 students, 140 staff. The school has an excellent backbone teachers. Of these, five senior high school teachers, a Beijing academic leaders, three municipal backbone teachers, four municipal Forbidden Cup Class, 17 district-level academic leaders, the backbone of the 23 district-level teachers, 51 centers Subject Leaders.

School was rated the quality of Haidian District Education High-quality school, the National Mental Health model schools, model schools in Beijing campus culture, the Beijing research and advanced schools, advanced schools, curriculum reform, Beijing, Beijing health promoting school, green school in Beijing, Beijing Golden Sail School of Art, Haidian District teaching advanced management school, moral advanced management school, Haidian District, technology demonstration school … …

** Primary school philosophy is to “promote children full, healthy and harmonious development.” School idea is “harmony, competition, innovation.” School goal is to turn the school into “open, internationalized” top schools. School characteristics based research as the starting point is to strive to create students harmonious, healthy and happy growth of the campus culture, the development foundation for the child’s life. To give students a richer school environment, school decided to build the campus public address system, asked the campus radio system is based on “economic, practical, advanced” design principle.

Two primary design basis and principles of the campus radio

1, design principles With this program, “advanced, scientific, practical,” the guiding ideology, the index has reached the present level of our national norms.

2, design Meet the primary needs of the campus erected intelligent broadcasting system to achieve “source multi-player, the operation of human nature is simple, play smart automatic, expansion and easy maintenance,” a new generation of intelligent broadcasting primary overall objective.

Three primary design of the campus radio

1, front-end design: selection Computer , Deck, digital tuner, wireless microphone, microphones and other broadcast programs as a source of audio programs compatible with existing formats, extends the use of audio programming choices; use smart radio campus Software And the combination of intelligent radio controller to broadcast to the primary school, “multi-source playback, the operation of human nature is simple, play smart automatic, expansion and easy maintenance” to improve the campus radio and standard grade; selected stable of constant pressure as the audio amplifier to promote the device, effectively ensuring stable and reliable long run campus radio.

2, transmission design: using audio broadcasting transmission line 100V constant pressure.

3, the terminal design: classroom use Wall / Ceiling Speaker , Outdoor Sound Column selected constant pressure.

4, primary school principal Equipment Radio

1, the campus radio auto player

Design school campus radio SB2010 intelligent broadcasting software is the design school to be mainly the development of intelligent broadcasting system, but also can be applied to other industries. System consists of intelligent radio controller and SB2010 SB2010 broadcast control software. It uses Computer Multimedia technology, set plays, timing control, area control, power control, automatic switch off and rest the table management in one powerful, the applicability of good, high degree of automation, a 24-hour unattended operation. Exact timing functions, simple user interface, SB2010 was a low-cost, high-cost intelligent radio system program.

This software has the following features:

Ø Play Digital Music: SB2010 using computer multimedia technology, can play MP3, WMA, WAV and MIDI four common digital music files. You can buy music CD, or downloaded from the Internet, and even recording their own musical files and other means to obtain.

Ø regular play and control: When the system when in automatic mode, SB2010 rest in accordance with the selected table automatically timed play, set to open in accordance with the appropriate power and zoning.

Ø Music instead of ring tones: on campus, you can play beautiful music to replace the original wooden electric bell for students to create a more intimate campus environment.

Ø24-hour unattended operation: you can set the computer automatically boot time, Windows starts SB2010 will automatically start and enter the Auto Play mode; when aired rest table after the last daily routine items, SB2010 will automatically shut down the computer .

Ø sets of routines table management: SB2010 can create multiple sets of routines table, and can copy the rest table, you can easily switch between the various routines table.

Ø Background Music: SB2010 add to the background music feature, you can specify start and end time, loop, random play background music, very suitable Hotels And hotels, supermarkets and other places use.

Ø Internet Radio: SB2010 can listen to Internet radio stations. As long as the connected Internet, SB2010 network broadcast regularly on radio programs can be.

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Senior Scientist on Climate Change and Environmental Services Policy

Senior Scientist on Climate Change and Environmental Services Policy
The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) is supported by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), generates science-based knowledge about the complex role that trees play in agricultural landscapes and uses its research to ensure that policies and practices benefit the poor and the environment.

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CitySection Christensen Human Ecology

CitySection Christensen

Canada, Mongolia agree to deepen economic ties

Canada, Mongolia agree to deepen economic ties
Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper and visiting Mongolian Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold on Tuesday agreed to deepen their nations’ economic ties, eventually opening free trade talks.

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Rising sea levels could force some Chesapeake Bay inhabitants to move inland

Rising sea levels could force some Chesapeake Bay inhabitants to move inland
WASHINGTON — Rising sea levels and violent weather caused by climate change could force some people in the Chesapeake Bay area inland in the coming decades, said a migration policy expert.

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Superior and Intelligent Sony SDLT-320 Backup Tape Technology

Business markets have become more competitive.  You can make better proactive decisions and devise new business strategies regarding your business’s future growth on the basis of prior financial, accounting & user data.  The different operating departments of the organizations (Marketing, Finance, Sales, Human Resource etc.) alter their business approach and strategy on the basis of prior data.  In-time availability of data is the key to their cost effective business strategies.  The litigators, clients and end-users are also interested in the enterprise records.  Data retentions laws have become more rigorous over the years due to the enormous growth in data volumes.

Sony has engineered SDLT 320 drive which offers its client the ability to meet the above mentioned business challenges.  Two generations of Super DLT format have been launched into the market.  These SDLT tape version are SDLT-2 and SDLT-1 tape. Sony SDLT 320 represents SDLT 1 tape technology.  You might be wondering that why one should adopt the SDLT tape technology.   Well I am going to describe the superior and high performance features & technologies of Super DLT technology that enable you to reliably store your information.   The users of SDLT tape format can upgrade their data storage system flexibly and cost efficiently.  Sony SDLT 320 drive is designed for faster data rate of 32MB/s (compressed mode).

SDLT-320 drive provides its customers the speed, capacity and reliability to economically satisfy their storage needs.  Uncompressed media capacity of SDLT-320 data tape has been raised to 160GB.  Data compression technique of SDLT-320 tape format doubles the data rate and capacity.  Other famous media manufacturing companies including IBM, Imation, HP, Dell, Maxell, Quantum and Fuji also manufacture high speed SDLT 1 tape cartridges.  35L1119, 16260, C7980A, 09W085, 183700, MRSAMCL01 and 26300001 are the respective part numbers of these Super DLT-1 tape brands.

High density recordings can increase the error rate.  Therefore in order to significantly reduce the error rate during high density storage, Sony has ensured ultra smooth and thinner recording medium for its SDLT-320 tape cartridges.  Smooth and thinner tape surface contribute to the greater accuracy in high density recordings.  Superior tape travel stability offered by Sony SDLT-320 drive results in higher reliability and faster backup operations.

Sony has altered the SDLT 320 tape cartridge’s architecture to ensure greater data throughput in library environments.  Repeated load/unload cycles do not degrade the performance level of Sony Super DLT 1 media tape.  Base film of SDLT-320 data tape is made up of submicron metal particles that result in uniformly coated media surface.  Sony Super DLT tape drives make the backup storage system more efficient.

High density recording has become an essential part of the backup storage demands. To meet the high density storage demands, Sony has introduced MRC (magneto resistive cluster) read/write head in its SDLT-320 tape drive.  MRC head is so sensitive that any projections on the media recording surface of SDLT tape is detected as noise. SDLT is among the first tape storage format that has used the optical servo technique. This technology assists the SDLT-320 drive to reliably read/write onto the narrow data tracks.

Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets SDLT Tape and SDLT 320 Tape. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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